Large Job Quote Needed Bend metal work

Discussion in 'Fabrication' started by rfqadmin, Dec 26, 2016.

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  1. rfqadmin

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    I need about 24 pcs of the attached out of of hot rolled steel. Will need much more.

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  2. i am interested in you work i will need the Gage of the material.
    Please sent all the information to.

    John Waldner

    40361 200 St

    Huron SD 57350

    CELL 605 350 9022

    SHOP 605 352 2615

    FAX 605 352 5014

  3. And i will give you a quote.
  4. Jake44419

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    I would like to quote on this job could please send all info to thickness of material etcetera
  5. Do you still need these quote? Can you confirmed the material thickness required
  6. Hi paul,
    This is Daisy an OEM sale manager from INOVIA Technologies. I m interested in manufacturing your product. Please send me details of your parts to my email address: or to

    Kind regards
    Daisy Lau
    INOVIA Technologies
    INDUSTRIAL Services division
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