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Discussion in 'Fabrication' started by Josh M, Mar 29, 2017.

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  1. Josh M

    Josh M
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    I'm fabricating a lighting fixture and looking for someone to make some brass sheet parts. This job will require some milling of the sheet metal, rolling, and some welding/brazing. I will need a deadline of April 20 for the ship date.

    There are 5 parts:
    Ring Top: 3 pcs
    Ring Bottom: 3 pcs
    Rolled Ring: 3 pcs
    Tab: 6 pcs
    Bosses: 12 pcs (can likely be purchased off-the-shelf)

    I've attached an image and drawings which help explain what I'm looking for. I've never detailed welding drawings, so I wrote some descriptions on the drawing. Feel free to message me if you have any question about it or would like to discuss anything. Additionally, I'm not sure what would be easier, brazing or welding these components together, but I'm open to either. I also have STEP files if that would be useful.

    Please message me to ask any questions or request my email address.

    Looking forward to seeing your quotes!



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  2. Michael Mullnix

    Michael Mullnix
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    question. What type of brass are you looking to use? If you could send me the file and answer that one question I would like to quote the job for you.

    Michael Mullnix
    Mullnix Machining & Fabrication
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