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  1. I have 2 parts up for bid. I need quotes for Qty. 7 of MEC6012-S & Qty. 2 of MEC6013-S. Material is 1018 steel. Need parts in 4 weeks. Include material, labor, & shipping to 53083 in quote.
    Thank you,

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  2. Amlie

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    Dear Dan,This is Amlie from Top Prototype in China,could you kindly leave me your email address or send your project to thanks in advance.
  3. US shops only! Thank you.
  4. Good for you! I also don't understand why the Chinese are so pushy. Always asking for "cooperation", wanting you to contact them and send them files. Instead of just sending a quote like everyone else does.
  5. Hello , I'd be happy to give you a quote but it seems that the center view should show a mirror image of itself.
  6. G28 Machining

    G28 Machining
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    US shop located in Georgia. Quote is ready to send just need your email address.

    Mike Cooper
    G28 Machining
  7. Vendor selected. Thank you to all who quoted!

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