Request For Quote- Milling a small 3D model in ABS

Discussion in '4-Axis Cutting' started by norbauer, Oct 1, 2015.

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  1. Hi all,

    I already work with a great shop that does manual and 2-axis CNC work, but sometimes I also need multi-axis milling of models for prototypes. To that end,
    I am looking to establish an ongoing relationship with a small shop that can do milling of ABS and acrylic from my 3D models. My parts are generally sized 6" or less and fairly straightforward, so even a home machinist with a small multi-axis mill would probably be able to do 90% of the work I need. This is for hobby-related work for me, so my budgets aren't huge, but I'm always willing to pay fairly for good work. I'm also a hobby machinist myself, so I think you'll find me easy to work with. :)

    I am attaching an example part for quoting, which I do actually want to get made. I need the part labeled "main body" in below linked assembly to be milled in ABS or another inexpensive material that will yield good resolution and surface finish. It will be used as a resin casting molding master.

    Here is a link to the model where you can download the 3D model in your chosen format:


  2. Zerodl

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    Hey There - We would definitely be interested in quoting anything you need. We are a small shop in Virginia. We have 4 VMCs,a few CNC lathes and all your basic manual equipment. We have 4th axis capabilities on 2 of our HAAS VMCs. Send me an email anytime or call me at 540-249-4640.

    Thanks - Dave
  3. Ryan,

    would like to work with you on quoting jobs.

    please send files to


    Kevin Lubbers
  4. birdsall2009

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    My name is Jason Davis I believe we could be a good fit for one another. I work as a cnc programmer now and have several years experinece in multiaxis programming and I machine abs frequently. I currently have just ordered a machine and will be looking for work to begin cutting on withing the next 14 days. You could be my first customer with the highest priority of pleasing with home machinist pricing.

    Please get ahold of me if you would like to explore the possibilities in the near future.

    Thank You

    Jason Davis
  5. denise15

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    Hi Ryan,

    Did you ever get a shop to help with your work?

  6. thanks for your post and i am very happy to read this and i am interested to future business together.
    i have a small machine shop and my rate is cheap and i want that i work for you.
    can you contact me for cheap rate quote.
  7. Pro Tech Machining, Inc. is a machine and production shop specializing in small and large diameter turning and threading as well as milling and various other capabilities. We are located in Northwestern Pennsylvania and have 22 employees. We have continued to grow our business and expand our customer base by providing competitive quotes and quality parts in a timely fashion.

    We machine all types of metals including aluminum, brass, bronze, hasteloy, inconel and titanium with stainless steels being our most commonly used material. We can turn all diameters up to 40” round CNC controlled. Please visit our website at for complete details.

    Please feel free to contact me. We look forward to the opportunity to do business with you. Thank you for your time and consideration.


    Robert Butterfield


    Pro Tech Machining, Inc.

    21382 N. Norrisville Road

    Conneautville, PA 16406

    (814) 587-3200

    (814) 587-3381 - Fax
  8. Ryan, my name is Nico, I run an active duty military owned/operated small machine shop out of Maryland. Check out for more about me and my company. I'm interested in your part, but when I followed the A360 link the file has some artifacts in it. You can get ahold of me at if you want to send me the file directly. Thanks and good luck!
  9. Andrew Cozx

    Andrew Cozx
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    Hi Ryan

    I would be interested in quoting you some 4th axis work. I have 2 mills with 4th axis so if I can help you please email me at
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